Our Mission

Afaagh is a Canadian-based registered charitable organization and is dedicated in helping Sudanese and the forgotten Eritrean refugees living in Sudan. We help young girls and boys obtain a proper education in an area where no organised basic education exists. Our mission stands on four strong pillars.

First Pillar


Giving financial support to unprivileged refugee students in Sudan to meet basic necessities of life, such as clothing, shelter and aiding postsecondary students with their tuition fees.

Second Pillar


To advance their education by providing books, equipment, and educational aids to students attending schools in Sudan.

Third Pillar


To promote health by providing basic medical services too poor students in Sudan.

Fourth Pillar


Supporting orphans and their families financially to meet their needs in all aspects of life.

Our Impact


We help young girls and boys obtain a proper education in an area where no organised basic education exists. We partner with other organizations to fill the gaps in creating a sustainable education system for children and youth that the world has seemingly forgotten about.

We provide financial assistance to orphans and their families in order to meet their fundamental needs. And we sponsor hard-working and successful students to continue their education in university.

We are working to provide opportunities for education in this region. In August 2017 we were able to sponsor 50 orphans and 30 university students. In December of the same year we were able to raise the number of sponsored students to 50. Out of those 50 students there are 37 females.

We are in a process to partner up with a local nonprofit organization to continue to grow our impact.


Why We Exist


The refugee crisis began in the early 1960’s and remains to be an ongoing dilemma due to the United Nations’ discontinuation of aid and lack of any international support for decades. As a result, refugee camps are filled with despair, anguish and human suffering.

The camps lack basic human needs such as food, medical services, clean water and most importantly education. Therefore, thousands of young refugees, with hearts filled with hopes and dreams for a better life, begin a journey away from the only place they know to be home; a journey in which the destination may never be reached.

In the duration of their journey, a multitude of refugees have lost their lives in the deserts and at sea. Bedouins stop some and ransom them for a large sum of money. Or even worse, their organs are harvested and sold in the black market.  Medically, organs are not useful if they’re dead, so refugees are first drugged, then their organs are removed and they are then left to die.

The cry for help continues. Will you answer the call?


How Can You Help?

One of the best ways to support our organization is through your generous donations.